Garden room SIPs kits

We service businesses across the South of England in the garden build sector, providing them with bespoke kits which are all manufactured in our New Forest workshop, utilising specialist SIP materials. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver a high-quality product to support your business and client needs – including the option of structural calculations on larger projects where applicable.

Our design experts will produce a set of SIPs construction drawings to assist you and/or your site team with the SIPs installation.

Delivery or collection is available on all services and we offer a short lead time of just 4 – 6 weeks from the point of order.

What’s included?

  • Manufacture of SIP panels for walls, roof and floors (if requested)
  • SIPs design and structural engineer calculations (if requested)
  • Cutting, rebating, processing, and packaging of SIPs & associated parts
  • Sole and wall plates, timber fixing splines and joining timbers
  • Glulam or steel beams if specified by our structural engineer
  • Window and door apertures pre-cut and structurally framed with timber
  • Weather-resistant breather membrane to wrap your walls and roof
  • Specialist SIPs screw fixings, adhesives, and sealants
  • Professional haulage and delivery to site or curbside
  • Comprehensive SIPs kit construction pack for easy assembly

What do you need to supply?

  • Prepare your foundations – see below for more info
  • Windows and doors
  • EPDM roof or similar
  • Gutters and downpipes
  • External and internal finish (cladding, plasterboard etc.)
  • Electrics and water (if required)

What our customers say?

We took the time to find a new SIPS supplier last year and we have been delighted with Ecologic SIPs. Their kits are simply the best on the market (always flawless) and their customer service is second to none. We can fully recommend working with them and would happily act as a reference for any potential clients.

James Burton from Sussex Garden Rooms just left a new 5-star review of Ecologic Sips on Trustpilot.

Interested in a SIPs garden kit?

SIPs Vs timber frame or masonry

  • SIPs can be erected up to 60% faster than with traditional construction methods
  • Shorter time-on-site means you can complete more projects per year
  • Unlike traditional construction methods which rely on good weather, SIPs are erected regardless of the conditions
  • Our SIPs kits are manufactured within our controlled workshop environment which provides guarantees of quality and tolerances
  • Our EPS insulation is 98% air and just 2% plastic, it’s 100% recyclable and provides an incredible U-value of 0.31 (120mm panel)
  • A SIPs lightweight shell reduces the need for machinery and concrete production on-site (lowering your CO2 emission)

Design process

Design Stage (from deposit paid)TimelineApproval Required
Stage one - elevations and floorplan* Week 1 - 2For comment (within 2 days)
Stage two – elevations and floor plan sign-offWeek 2 - 3Adobe E-sign (within 2 days)
Stage three - production drawings for manufacturingWeek 4 - 5None
*  showing the location panel timbers within the SIPs floor (this will inform groundworkers where to install screws or pads)

Our SIPs kit construction packs make assembly and installation both efficient and quick. We will provide you will all the details required to build your own SIPs structure, and you will have the option to approve any plans ahead of manufacturing in our workshop.

Design Changes

One round of design changes for free prior to Stage 2. Further changes will be charged at £200 ex VAT per change, including minor and major.

After stage 2 is completed and your drawings have been signed-off and approved, we are unable to make design changes as this will already be in production. The client is to pay in full for the aborted project, and/or a new order will need to be placed, subject to the lead times at that point.


We recommend one of three types of foundation to be in place ahead of the SIPs structure installation, simply let us know which type you are using and we will send you a detailed drawing of the floor section for you to share with the groundworks company.  Please note: our SIPs kits do not include foundations.


Want a SIPs floor?

Ground screws are galvanised screws that are wound into the ground with precision to create a strong and level platform for your garden room, office or leisure building. Environmentally, ground screws offer a huge reduction of emitted carbon compared to a traditional concrete base. We recommend the Great British Ground Screw Company as our preferred supplier.

Pads offer another innovative solution, especially where the rocky ground makes digging really difficult. Environmentally, the pads can also be a great way to reduce your carbon impact. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a preferred supplier that produces its pads from 100% recycled plastic – we recommend Jackpad.


Without a SIPs floor?

Concrete slabs can also be used as the base for your SIPs structure, you will just need to ensure you build a small masonry dwarf wall out around the perimeter of the base for your SIPs to be built upon. Take a look at our 3D SIPs detailing guide to see this build-up.


Common questions

This is certainly common in smaller garden room type buildings in SIPs and technically possible in a full-scale house build also. SIP floors should always have a minimum of 50mm airflow gap below. The ground beneath SIP floor buildings should be graded with a permeable membrane and/or Type 1 MOT/gravel cover or alike. We also recommend treating the underside face of SIP floor panels with a bituminous primer prior to assembly.

No. The SIP panel is a thermally-efficient airtight product that works best without services running through. We recommend the use of a counter batten to create a service void for electrical wiring and fixtures to be installed.

If required on external walls, they can be surface mounted and then boarded over. Internal walls are timber stud and services follow a standard installation. Posi-Joists allow easy installation between floors.

SIP homes go up much faster than traditionally framed buildings. The nature of the panel system enables a fast-track building process which helps to reduce construction time. A typical two-storey 200m2 house takes approximately 10 days to fabricate in the factory and 15 days to erect on site.

Panel options

Panel OptionsGarden Office (-30m2)Garden Annex (+30m2)
Floor thickness96mm172mm
Wall thickness96mm172mm
Roof thickness120mm172mm
Floor U-Value (thermal resistance)0.38 0.19
Wall U-Value (thermal resistance)0.38 0.19
Roof U-Value (thermal resistance)0.290.19
Floor EPS insulation74mm 150mm
Wall EPS insulation74mm 150mm
Roof EPS insulation98mm150mm
OSB thickness11mm11mm
Max panel width1.2m1.2m
Max panel length2.4m2.4m

Garden build partners

We’ve partnered with a range of leading garden building companies including Sussex Garden Rooms, Bridge Timber Bespoke, Redcliffe Construction and Space Landscapes to deliver a range of sustainable SIPs structures. We work closely together to offer their clients a SIPs package as part of their overall project.

If you would like to talk to us further about how we can supply your business with SIPs, then please get in touch with a member of our team.

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Interested in a SIPs garden kit?