Panel options

All of our SIPs are manufactured at our New Forest workshop.

By producing SIPs in-house rather than buying them in from bigger companies, we have full control over our supply chain and can pass on material costs savings direct to our clients. Transparency, from responsible sourcing to manufacturing and installation, is something we care deeply about and we always aim to partner with suppliers and companies who share our environmental ethos. You can see our full range of panels on a supply and delivery basis by visiting our SIPs shop online

 Garden Office (-30m2)Garden Annex (+30m2)House
Floor thickness96mm172mm-
Wall thickness96mm172mm172mm
Roof thickness120mm172mm222mm
Floor U-Value (thermal resistance)0.380.19-
Wall U-Value (thermal resistance)0.380.190.19
Roof U-Value (thermal resistance)
Floor EPS insulation74mm 150mm150mm
Wall EPS insulation74mm 150mm150mm
Roof EPS insulation98mm150mm200mm
OSB thickness11mm11mm11mm
Max panel width1.2m1.2m1.2m
Max panel length3m3m3m

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    To see how our SIP panels are joined together at key junctions, and to explore the external and internal face options within any structure.
  • Footings and soleplate
  • Corner junctions
  • Panel to panel connection
  • Intermediate floor junction
  • Roof eaves and ridge junctions

Design optimisation

We love nothing more than helping our clients design with SIPs in mind. This allows your project to achieve several efficiencies across design, production, installation and ultimately your overall budget. Our deep understanding of the SIP build system means we can support you and your architect specifying the structural elements for any project, meaning we only ever need to make minor amends when reviewing the plans with our qualified structural engineers.

One major design aspect is to consider the 2.44m x 1.22m size of the panels – for example designing walls to 2.44m up from DPC height on the ground floor to the underside of the first-floor cassette, and that first/second floors work around a 2.44m floor to ceiling height.


Design flexibility

SIPs offer a wealth of options for architects and designers, such as open-plan vaulted ceilings creating a light and airy space that maximises any building plot. They can be combined with many traditional materials such as brick, steel, glass, wood, so your design can be led by aesthetic and function rather than restricted by the construction method.

External walls can be externally clad with brick, render, weatherboarding or metal and roofing possibilities include slate, tile or metal for example. Internally, SIPs can simply be finished with plasterboard and a skim coating with service cavities as required in order to meet building regulations.To find out about the advantages of using SIPs, please see our project benefits and environmental benefits pages.

Considering SIPs for your next project?

SIP build foundations

SIPs create a lightweight shell structure (approximately 25Kg/m2), meaning you may achieve a cost saving and also be able to select a low-carbon option for your foundation design. The design and detailing of your foundations will need to be completed by a qualified architect. Our installation teams are able to build up from most base/foundation types from the DPC level.

Footings 1