Coasting towards a sustainable future

We are blessed to live along on one of the world’s most spectacular coastlines and we’re always happy to promote our little piece of paradise. 

Recently, COAST Magazine, fellow champions of all things coastal, approached us to write an article on Pete, our founder’s deep connection to the Dorset coast and his mission for a more sustainable future.

The ocean has played an intrinsic role in both the conception and development of Ecologic. From inspiring new ideas to providing a place for respite and recreation. 

Our team has a collective appreciation for the sea and mother nature, which drives us all to create better, more sustainable practices in work and everyday life. 

With Pete steering the ship, we’re championing the move towards a more sustainable future, by building with new eco-friendly methods. We really hope the article will highlight our cause and inspire other self-builders, developers and architects to embrace the SIP method and all it’s wonderful benefits. 

You can read the full article by following this link (coming soon).

Enjoy, and be inspired!






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