Eco-homes: what is net-zero?

Not the title of a new apocalyptic film by Ridley Scott, but an ambitious target for a zero-carbon future, set out by our government.

But what is Net Zero?

The good people at Friends of the Earth explain it best.

“Going  net zero  means removing as many emissions as we produce, which is vital if we’re to get a grip on climate breakdown.”

30 years may seem a long time, but in terms of infrastructure and rebuilding, it really is quite brief. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly wasn’t built in 30 years.

The latest State of the Nation report has expressed the urgency for action. The construction sector, is of course, a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure, and although it may not have the largest carbon footprint compared to other sectors, it will play an integral role in achieving Net Zero, particularly related to energy supply and usage.

The positive news is the report suggests we already have a lot of this infrastructure in place and we are getting better at reducing our CO2 emissions.

“In 2019, total UK greenhouse gas emissions were estimated to be 45% lower than in 1990”

The new targets have truly highlighted the need for more sustainable building methods. By adopting the SIP’s build system we at Ecologic are perfectly positioned to play our part in what we hope will be an awakening and surge in low impact homes. We not only want to contribute to this rise but also inspire other builders to follow suit and make a positive change in our industry and on our precious environment.

As a business, we are interested in the idea of a circular economy and while we specialise in SIP structures we also promote fully integrated homes to achieve the next level of energy efficiency and sustainability.

It may take a crisp packet 30 years to break down in landfill but it takes the same time for a Red Maple to fully mature. The path we take from here depends on our outlook.

When you invest in a low impact home, you invest in the future.