Garden builds

Whether you are a professional builder, architect, or self-builder, we can supply and install SIP panels for you across a range of garden room designs and styles. We will supply you with the shell of the structure only but can also offer you a full turn-key solution through our partnership with local garden build specialists – see below for more info on how you can bring your project to life.

Small garden buildings (under 30m2)

If you dream of building your own inspiring workspace, home yoga studio, or a special place for the kids to play our sustainable SIPs structures are the perfect choice for your project. Want something bespoke? We understand that every garden is different, and we appreciate that you may want a unique size and layout to meet your specific project needs. That’s why we have teamed up with a network of local main contractors who specialise in bespoke garden building installation, who we can happily recommend, and who can provide you with the full package of works. They will be your main point of contact and be responsible for all work before and after the installation of our SIPs shell structure. If you have your own carpenter or builder in mind, we’ll happily provide them with the full kit of parts allowing them to install your SIPs structure and then complete it to your own style. If you would like us to look at your small garden build project then please complete our enquiry form.


Large garden buildings (above 30m2)

For garden building projects over 30m2, we can build in a range of different design styles and will work closely with you to determine the best way to optimise your structure for a SIPs build system. We will also work with your architect and main contractor to design your SIPs annexe style garden project. Our specialist crew will manufacture and install a complete SIPs shell for your garden building (subject to building regulations). We build with premium 178mm panels across unless otherwise specified, and you can work with your main contractor to choose to finish your garden building however you wish. SIPs are a fantastic choice for your garden structure due to the increased speed of installation, their thermal performance and added value for money over more traditional methods.


Large garden builing – what’s included?

We manufacture and install (large, over 30m2 only) a complete shell for your garden structure, containing the requisite number of SIPs to construct the walls, floor and roof, to the specific design and measurements from your architect’s plans.

You can then choose to finish your garden room however you wish. We aim to make life as simple as possible and supply all the elements needed for construction:

  • Design, manufacture and installation of your SIPs structure
  • Sole and wall plates, timber fixing splines and joining timbers
  • Structural engineer calculations and justifications (if required)
  • Engineered Glulam timber beams if required
  • Caberdeck (22mm) moisture resistant T&G flooring
  • SIP floor cassette
  • Windows and door apertures pre-cut and structurally framed with timber
  • Specialist SIPs screw fixings, adhesives and sealants
  • Walls and roof wrapped with breather membrane to achieve weatherproofing
  • Haulage and secure delivery to site


We recommend one of three types of foundation to be in place ahead of the SIPs structure installation, simply let us know which type you are using and we will send you a detailed drawing of the floor section for you to share with the groundworks company.  Please note: our SIPs installation do not include foundations.

Want a SIPs floor?

Ground screws are galvanised screws that are wound into the ground with precision to create a strong and level platform for your garden room, office or leisure building. Environmentally, ground screws offer a huge reduction of emitted carbon compared to a traditional concrete base. We recommend the Great British Ground Screw Company as our preferred supplier.

Pads offer another innovative solution, especially where the rocky ground makes digging really difficult. Environmentally, the pads can also be a great way to reduce your carbon impact. That’s why we’ve teamed up with a preferred supplier that produces its pads from 100% recycled plastic – we recommend Jackpad.


Without a SIPs floor?

Concrete slabs can also be used as the base for your SIPs structure, you will just need to ensure you build a small masonry dwarf wall out around the perimeter of the base for your SIPs to be built upon. Take a look at our 3D SIPs detailing guide to see this build-up.

Why choose SIPs for your garden building?

  • SIPs can be erected up to 60% faster than with traditional construction methods
  • Unlike traditional construction methods which rely on good weather, SIPs are erected regardless of the conditions
  • Our EPS core insulation is 98% air and just 2% plastic, it’s 100% recyclable and provides an incredible U-value of 0.21 (178mm panel)
  • A SIPs lightweight shell reduces the need for machinery and concrete production on-site (lowering your CO2 emission)
  • Our timber OSB and structural framework come from sustainable FSC accredited sources
  • SIP structures are more attractive to future buyers, achieve a higher sale price due to low running costs