Innovate and insulate

We’re working hard to become more and more self-sufficient as we grow operations and production at Ecologic. Our latest quest is to develop our own environmentally-friendly insulation. Company founder Pete Samson is busy connecting with the sector’s most innovative suppliers, on a search for one that shares our vision for more sustainable building methods and materials. By comparing life cycle assessments from sourcing right through to disposal for contrasting insulation materials, and working with market leaders in this field, we’re developing a more sustainable solution for our SIPs.

Producing our own insulation will give us greater control over quality, whilst dramatically reducing our company’s carbon footprint in the construction process.

With rising demand for more affordable housing combined with the government’s ambitious targets for lower-carbon homes by 2030, cost-effective, energy-efficient house building has never been more critical. Ecologic is brilliantly placed to provide beautifully-designed, practical solutions.

Visit Committee on Climate Change’s report, UK housing: Fit for the Future


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