Our vision

Empower homebuilders and industry professionals to create design-led, eco-buildings using sustainably-sourced materials and low-impact methods.

Our ethos

We firmly believe that the SIPs build system is a genuine alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar method. By embracing the SIPs approach as we grow as a company, we’re focusing on smarter use of space and dramatically reducing building time whilst using natural resources more responsibly and minimising our impact on the environment. With long-term energy-efficiency always a priority, we actively seek out collaborations with the very best specialist suppliers in this sector to incorporate innovative low-impact technologies such as heat recovery systems, thermally efficient triple glazing and PV renewables.

Through our commitment to this philosophy, we produce attractive, eco-friendly homes and spaces that promote healthier living. We continue to be driven by the desire to take the best possible care of this precious planet. With inspiring design and sustainable building practices, we can play a positive role in tackling the climate crisis whilst addressing the rise in demand for more affordable, low-carbon housing.

Join the evolution.

Our values: Care | Inspire | Craft

Environmental sustainability is integral to everything we do at Ecologic. With that in mind, we care about our supply chains and keep them as short as possible, work closely with clients to find the most eco-friendly, resourceful and energy-efficient solutions and we always endeavour to minimise our impact on the planet.

With a proven track record in crafting modular, high-end luxury beach lodges, we now specialise in the manufacture and installation of SIPs (structural insulated panels), producing resilient building solutions with long-lasting environmental and lifestyle benefits.

Every SIP that we design is made in-house at our New Forest workshop in Dorset.  We’re experienced problem-solvers, so we relish the challenge of installing SIP structures in unusual, tricky or remote site locations.