Our SIPs are designed and produced in-house at our New Forest workshop (240sqm site) with the highest level of precision, safety and quality. Inspired by the natural world and the rich heritage that surrounds us, our team is committed to exceptional craftsmanship using sustainably-harvested timber. Wherever possible we avoid the use of steel beams in our structures, preferring to use glue-lam beams in their place due to the environmental benefits they offer and the natural aesthetic they create.

Our bespoke design and cutting system ensures that waste is kept to an absolute minimum and where possible, any excess materials are recycled or repurposed on smaller scale projects. In a streamline process our workshop technicians cut, stack, and accurately number each panel wall by wall and roof by roof. This off-site process makes a huge impact on installation times with a typical two-storey 200m2 house taking around three days to fabricate and 15 days to erect on-site.

Our team works to the highest safety standards with excellent quality control. Every batch is accurately numbered to ensure full traceability in a streamlined process, resulting in efficient off-site installation by our accredited technicians. From design to installation, we can ensure complete control over the successful delivery of your project.

SIPs production process

We laminate the OSB3 skins and EPS foam together to form SIPs using polyurethane glue and leave to cure under pressure in our specialist SIPs press. Polyurethane is incredibly strong and once cured the effect of laminating the three layers together creates a SIP panel that can take some incredible stresses. If you’d like to read more about the material choices for our SIP panels then please visit our product spec page.

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